01 Make at least $2000 per month Gross Income.


Provide proof of income via your two most recent pay stubs that show a year to date total and be on the job for a minimum of 3 months. Independent contractors and self employed should provide the previous years Tax Return and 3 months of bank statements. Part time work is acceptable if it meets the minimum income requirement. For joint applications, the minimum requirement is $2500



02 Proof of residency.

Provide proof of where you live such as a Utility bill. If none of the bills are in your name contact us for acceptable substitutes.



03 Down Payment.

Most of my clients have received financing with roughly $1000 down. Some cases have been as little as $0 to $500 down. No money down loans are possible on a case by case basis. For more information contact us directly.



04 Valid Drivers License.

In order to drive away you will need a state issues drivers license. Don't have one? I have another option that may work for you. Use the contact box for more details.



05 Proof of Insurance.

DMV Auto Loans is based out of Northern Virginia. In accordance with Virginia law you will be required to obtain and provide proof of insurance prior to driving away your new vehicle. This may also be obtained on location.

06 Client Application.

You can apply for your loan at the top of the page or directly below.

Auto Loans have never been easier. We've helped countless people obtain the financing they deserve regardless of the credit worthiness. The program is simple and anyone can qualify with the bare minimum of requirements to fulfill.