DMV Auto Donations

DMV Auto Loans is helping people obtain auto financing on a daily basis, regardless what type of credit history the individual has. But what happens to those vehicles that are traded in that can't be resold? Sometimes they are sent to an auction. Sometimes they are sent to a junk yard. And sometimes they seem to disappear all together. And that's where DMV Auto Donations comes in.

DMV Auto Loans is setting up a charitable fund that will purchase these less desirable trade in vehicles and donate them to established Vehicle Donation Programs. There they will use these vehicles for government and locally funded projects.

Typical Recipients Include:

  • Victims of domestic violence

  • The medically needy

  • Victims of natural disasters

  • Families transitioning from public assistance to work

  • Families living in transitional living shelters

  • The working poor

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Veterans / Military Families

In order to participate in this program simply click on the donate button or use one of the funding links above. Thank you for your contribution and supporting those whom are less fortunate then yourself.