About Us

DMV Auto Loans is a subsidiary of King Financial working in partnership with Diamond Automobile Exchange. Our goal is to provide you with an auto loan regardless of your credit history. We are not a lead out sourcing company that will forward your information to places all over the U.S. We will work with you directly and keep your personal information private.


DMV Auto Loans specializes in the Sub Prime Loan market. We have access to traditional lenders such as Wells Fargo, BB&T and so on. We have access to our credit union network which allows us to provide the most competitive rates available to those who qualify. And of course we delve extremely deep into the Sub Prime market. With lenders who cover all spectrum's of credit profiles we are sure to line you up with a lender that will suit your needs.

Some of the people we have helped have experienced extreme circumstances which will see below:

5 previous repossessions & a bankruptcy

100K+ of past due child support

Fixed income first time buyer

No drivers license

339 Fico score

And the list goes on!